What countries can you ship to?

We are based in Australia and so our pricing and delivery options are based on domestic purchases, however we can provide limited options to international customers.

If you are not in Australia, we recommend you contact us before purchasing.

What if there’s a problem?

We are subject to Australian Consumer Law, which guarantees certain rights including,

  • the right to a refund for defective products
  • a reasonable warranty period for the cost of purchase
  • goods are fit for purpose

If anything goes wrong, please get in touch with us immediately and we’ll help you out.

Why is the available space on my drives smaller than the advertised size?

This is a calculation difference between manufacturer and your devices.

Electronic devices such as a phone, tablet or PC defines 1GB = 1.073741824 Billion bytes while the convention in naming products for market defines 1 GB = 1.00 Billion bytes.

  • 8GB = approximately 7.4GB-7.6GB
  • 16GB = approximately 14GB-15GB
  • 32GB = approximately 28GB-30GB
  • 64GB = approximately 58GB-60GB
  • 128GB = approximately 119GB-120GB

We are merely following a market convention in naming our products but we do apologise if you are caught out by this difference for the first time.